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I've never seen a group of people so upset over a single skunk.

I usually go over to my parents' house a few days out of the week. Before I got COVID-19, it was to work out in their little home-made gym, do some laundry, pet the dog and catch up on the goings-on. There's not so much working out these days as I don't think my lungs could take it at the moment, but laundry and dog petting still occurs. They live 3 minutes away from my apartment, so it's no trouble getting there at all.

The past few weeks or so, however, my parents and all of their neighbors have been complaining about an alleged skunk that they've seen roaming around the neighborhood. A big skunk, apparently.

Now, my brain may be broken along with my sense of danger, but I think skunks are cute. They're fluffy little dudes who just happen to also spray people with their butts. Just don't make them angry, right? It's just an animal doing animal things.

My mother disagrees. She has set up planks of wood all around the tiny little holes in the backyard fence to keep this skunk out. Apparently she's seen it once and it was much larger than her little Shih Tzu, so she feared for the small dog's safety. Little dude almost sprayed the dog, making her smell just a little bit worse than she already does. (The dog really stinks sometimes.)

I'm gonna put on my tinfoil hat here and point out that I have never seen this skunk. I've smelled it once, I think. I passed by a house the other day and it reeked, but maybe that was just the homeowners? I can't judge others' shower habits. Perhaps there's no skunk and this is a textbook example of mass hysteria?

This is a joke. I don't actually believe that. I just don't think a single skunk is a big enough deal to be getting daily updates on it from my mother, worried about the future of her neighborhood if this skunk continues to roam freely.

If you're reading this, mom, it's all in good fun. Just having a laugh. Love ya <3

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