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Apparently the neighborhood my parents live in is home to many strange and funny little guys.

I've talked before about how this skunk was allegedly terrorizing the neighborhood, breaking into people's backyards and...existing. Truly terrible. I still haven't seen this skunk, by the way. I've smelt it, though. Boy, have I smelt it.

I visit my parents pretty regularly throughout the week. I do laundry over there and work out but also like to just chill and chat. In this most recent visit to my parents', I was told about a number of funky dudes that have been spotted prowling about.


Both my mother and sister told me about how one time they were coming home after grabbing food and saw what they thought were a couple of stray cats. These are common around where we live. However, as they got closer and saw their little eyes and hands, it became obvious they were raccoons! I was so upset I couldn't see them. I love those little fellas.

My mother also says that she's seen a family of foxes jumping about around her house. And, of course, the skunk is still around "terrorizing" residents. There are also apparently possums that live in our neighborhood!

I know a lot of people don't like possums and think they're dirty or whatever, but I think they're cute. I think most animals are cute. I'm weird.

Maybe this isn't surprising to a lot of y'all. Maybe you're used to seeing these kinds of animals out and about.

I am not.

What's most upsetting to me is that I haven't seen any of these animals my parents tell me about! And there's such a wide variety of furry critters that have escaped my view! It's very frustrating on a personal level.

What new species will claim my parents' neighborhood as their home? Only time will tell, but we're gonna have giraffes feeding off the leaves at this rate.

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