Wild footage released by the Lubbock Police Department shows a drunk driver crashing into a power pole, causing a fiery wreck.

According to the department, patrol officers responded to a call Friday morning (July 15) about a person who was in their vehicle in a lane on 19th Street and University Avenue. The person was apparently unresponsive and slumped over.

In the video above, which was taken by the responding officer's dash cam and body cam, he approaches the driver's side of the vehicle and notices the driver seemingly unconscious with blood all over him. The officer attempts to awaken the person by banging on the door and yelling, but to no avail. The officer also attempts to open the car doors, but they were all locked.

The officer then takes out his baton and smashes the window on the passenger's side, worried that the driver needs medical attention. At that moment, the driver wakes up and suddenly puts the car into drive and speeds off while the officer runs alongside the vehicle screaming for him to stop.

The driver only made it a couple hundred feet or so, crashing into a power line pole and causing his vehicle to erupt into flames.

The driver of the car, 18-year-old D’Morea Quashaveante Robinson, only suffered moderate injuries from the crash. He was transported to UMC and treated. After being released, he was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated and booked into the Lubbock County Detention Facility.

Footage from the officer's dash cam and body cam was released by the Lubbock Police Department and included in the video above.

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