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Admit it, would it be the CUTEST THING EVER to get a get a speeding ticket from Wall-E? Or Johnny Five from Short Circuit?

That's what these new speed trap contraptions from the Lubbock Police reminded me of. Take a look:

Screenshot-Lubbock Police Facebook
Lubbock Police Department via Facebook

Someone in our building thought that they looked like Segways. Yes, Segways. That'll jack the HECK out of your car insurance!

Image: Lubbock Police Department Facebook
Lubbock Police Department via Facebook

From the Lubbock Police Department's Facebook post:

Hey, Lubbockites! Take a gander below at the handy dandy new equipment we just received! What is it, you ask? Well, it's four new radar trailers! The units were purchased using ARPA funds and will be distributed across the Hub-City.
What will they do? Their goal is to make an impact upon driving patterns by making drivers aware of their speed, hopefully reducing the number of crashes in the process.
So, don't be surprised if you see one as you're out and about!

Yes, they will absolutely make an impact, as people slam on their brakes when they see one on the road. Or they may go the opposite route and say "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!" and try to beat the high score like it's 1982 and they're playing Pole Position.

via Gfycat

(*Not an actual live look at the Marsha Sharp Freeway)

Like I mentioned at the outset, they do kinda look cute -- like Wall-E trying to clean up the a desolate, uninhabitable Earth. In theory, you could say that the Lubbock Police Department is trying to clean up the streets by putting the idea in your head that Big Brother is watching. And, no, if you try to hit 88 MPH in front of these things you won't go back to the future...unless your future involves a judge and a suspended license.

Happy Motoring, Parnelli.

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