The Lubbock Police Department has announced they are partnering with a popular private social network for neighbors to make the Hub City a safer place.

The new pairing will allow LPD to make communicating easier between Citizens and within neighborhoods themselves. A total 80 percent of neighborhoods in Lubbock are already linked up to the app.

With the Nextdoor app, residents can create private neighborhood websites for information sharing. These links can be used to discuss everything from public safety issues, to events, or even to help find lost pets.

Lubbock police will be able to post about services and programs along with any emergency notifications to websites within the city.

The Nextdoor app is free and open to the public, but users will only be allowed to see their own specific neighborhood's website. Also, any private information shared will not be visible to police or other users.

The app itself can be downloaded to any smart device, but to find out more you can check the Nextdoor website.