In the State of Texas, it's common for many of us to joke around and say what bad drivers our neighbors in New Mexico are because of their low speed limits. Apparently the higher speed limits within the Hub City can still seem slow to some people.

A Lubbock man was arrested for reckless driving on June 30th. Twenty-one-year-old Blake Starr was arrested on June 30th for going just a bit over the posted speed limit of 65 mph. Starr was clocked on a radar gun going 111 mph in the Lubbock city limits. 

KAMC news reports that Starr was traveling eastbound in the 3300 block of the Marsha Sharp Freeway when a Lubbock police officer activated his laser speed gun and recorded Starr's speed. The officer initiated a traffic stop and spoke with Starr about his speed, who reportedly told the officer that he was just being "dumb." The officer who stopped Starr did state that at the speed he was traveling that Starr wouldn’t have been able to stop for a pedestrian or vehicle and could have caused serious bodily injury or even death to himself and others.

The Lubbock Police Department took to their Facebook page to call out the driver's intense speed by making a Facebook post trying to parody the singer Adele's song "Hello" and somewhat succeeded.

Many residents across the South Plains found the post very humorous and even chimed in with their own jabs at the speed limit, the person, and even the Lubbock Police Department.

In all the social media fun, the Lubbock Police Department reminded residents that there's no acceptable reason to be going this fast and to not do it. Blake Starr was released from the Lubbock County Detention as of Wednesday, July 13th, and his car was impounded, no word as to if the vehicle is still impounded.

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