Twisted Ranch is a restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri that is centered around having 33 different types of ranches. As a ranch lover, this truly sounds like heaven on earth, and I think Lubbock needs a restaurant like this now.

They opened their doors in St. Louis in 2015, and have seen great success since their opening. You can even buy bottles of their ranch on amazon and at some stores in the Midwest. Not only are there 33 different flavors, but they also cater to the menu to fit with all the different ranches. They even offer a ranch flight where you can pick either five or thirteen different flavors to sample with their fries. Some of the flavors that caught my eye are Asian Zing, Cajun, and their Greek ranches.

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It might just be my ranch-loving taste buds talking, but I really think Lubbock could benefit from a spot like this. I would even be open to the idea of a different type of condiment as the theme. Maybe a bunch of BBQ sauces, ketchup, or other dips that could have just as many varieties. Or better yet, combine all of them into one place. You can have dozens of different flavors or all sorts of condiments.

I still think the ranch idea is the best, so I would love to see Twisted Ranch or something of the sort make its way to the Hub City. We have all the BBQ, Pizza, and burger places we could need. So, why not a new theme that we haven’t seen here before?

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