On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson joined Tom Collins and Laura Mac to talk about the latest coming out of the Lubbock city council.

One of the issues that was brought up was the Atmos energy rate increase. According to Robertson, the cost for Atmos to do business in Lubbock is much cheaper than it is in the smaller towns, but that doesn't mean Lubbock should be responsible for subsidizing those towns.

"The problem with the rate increase is not only the rate increase, but how they want us to start determining rates in the future. And they want to go to system-wide averaging which will put us with a lot of the other smaller West Texas cities, and will actually have our citizens subsidizing smaller towns, and that's where I have a problem with it."

Robertson also addressed last night's decision to add 3 new staff positions. Robertson was one of the two dissenting votes, and he still believes this was a bad decision by the council. He said that the decision was micromanaging on the part of the council and was just "bad business."

He also discussed the new high-voltage loop that is a portion of upgrading the LP&L power grid. Robertson said this upgrade was long overdue and completely necessary, and will hep LP&L get back on track.

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