On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson talked with Chad Hasty about the latest going on in city council and with LP&L.

Recently, there have been some concerns about the procurement procedures of Lubbock Power and Light. Because of these "red flags," city manager Lee Ann Dumbauld requested an audit of LP&L. However, LP&L originally refused the audit and has reportedly been very uncooperative with the audit. Robertson said the unwillingness of LP&L to work with the audit is a red flag itself.

"There is such a defensive position over there from staff. Now, I haven't gotten any of this form the board, and I have not spoken with the board. I do know that one board member interviewed with the A-J and was extremely defensive of LP&L and these practices. But the thing that concerns me most is the unwillingness of staff over there to work with the auditors to get this problem solved where we can go down the road."

Robertson tried to call a city council meeting about LP&L, but several council members found the meeting to be  a violation of the city charter, and the meeting was adjourned. Robertson said he was very concerned that neither the council and LP&L are not willing to talk about these issues, and also has concerns that some members of the council may be trying to use this LP&L issue for political reasons.

Robertson added that the real question wasn't whether or not Dumbauld had the authority to perform the audit, but is whether or not the LP&L board can block the audit.