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There are so many groups on Facebook dedicated to buying, selling and trading goods, and if you've spent time on any of them you've probably run across things that you'd like to have. You've probably also seen your fair share of stuff that was priced a bit too high for what it actually was.

Which brings us to a post that was made Monday night in the Lubbock Buy/Sell/Trade group. A post was made by someone in Lubbock looking to sell a used couch. It was described as being a three-piece couch set with only one owner, and under condition the couch was listed as "good." The listing price? $750 or best offer.

Now, I will be the first to admit, I'm not great at always estimating the market for a used couch, but $750 seems pretty high when you can buy a new couch for about the same price. While the first picture showed a nice three-piece set, it was the second picture that had everyone talking. That one showed the "good" condition couch looked as though some type of large animal had been attempting to eat the couch or at least one corner of the couch.

The internet did what the internet does of course and those who replied to post on Facebook took turns roasting the seller.


Some of my favorite comments were:

"Plot twist...the one owner was a Bengal tiger..."

"One owner... and it was angry cat"

And there was a number of people asking if he meant $7.50.

I can't fault the guy for trying, though. Gas is expensive and, well, so is everything else. If you can find that one person to pay big money for a couch that's obviously not in good condition, you win. As a side note, there was one person who commented that they would pay "$100, $200 at best," and that's much better than what most had to offer.

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