A man who stole a truck in Lubbock, Texas with a 3-year-old child inside it found out just why it's not a good idea to mess with a dad.

According to the Lubbock Police Department via KAMC, 34-year-old Ishmael Garcia had parked his truck in front of a home on 53rd Street back on November 23 to talk with his son's mother. The car was left running with the child inside as the mother and father spoke in the front yard just feet away.

It was then that 23-year-old David Junior Valdez (pictured above) jumped into the still-running truck and took off. But Garcia noticed and ran after the truck with his son inside it. He was able to catch up and climb into the truck's bed. Garcia then took a pole that was in the bed and smashed the back window separating him from Valdez.

Garcia tried to smack Valdez with the pole to make him stop, and it worked. Valdez leaped from the truck, which crashed into a home on Peoria Avenue.

Valdez was arrested Thursday, Dec. 1 and charged with Aggravated Assault.

Garcia suffered cuts and scrapes to his hands, say police. His son was unharmed.

[via Everything Lubbock]


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