The search for gas is real.

Here's a note to every business out there: fix your damn gas pumps. 

Seriously, what's going on out there? I had to go to three places this morning to find a working gas pump. The other day I went to a brand new truck stop by my house and for the third time there, I came upon a pump that did not work. It's happening all over town, too. Pumps are in a constant state of disrepair.

If you're in the business of selling gas, then make it come out of the dang machine. In all of the cases I'm referring to, the problem is the ability to pay at the pump (one of the greatest inventions ever). I can't believe they can't keep these things working, because once again, their one thing is selling gas.

Now add to this the fact that I was trying to get gas in the wee hours. All of a sudden, all the convenience stores around here have decided to close overnights. This makes it especially frustrating when you're trying to get gas and the screen says, "see clerk inside" and then there's no clerk inside.

So here we are, Mad Max or Furiosa, traveling the barren wasteland that is Lubbock trying to find some gas. This is no way for a civilized town to be run. Not only am I in a hurry, but we're also still in a pandemic, so the more people who can pay at the pump as opposed to going inside, the better.

We do have a bunch of new convenience stores coming to town, so maybe their gas pumps will work for a hot minute. There is just nothing worse than rolling up to a pump on E and finding out that the pump is not working.

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