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Lubbock Firefighter Matt Dawson, who was injured back in January while responding to a crash on North I-27, is set to leave for Denver, Colorado to continue treatment.

The facility Dawson will be transferred to, Craig Hospital, specializes in Traumatic Brain Injuries, and is said to be the top facility for this injury.

KAMC News reports that Dawson will be in Denver around 6 to 8 weeks, and will undergo around 5 to 6 hours of therapy every weekday.

Matt's wife, Chanda Dawson, says that a group of fire department personnel will be rotating coming to Denver during this process.

Here's what Chanda had to say about Matt's progress so far:

I want to share a few things about Matt’s progress, which may be confusing to some, so I encourage you to research some of the terminology I will be using. Matt is in a stage called Post Traumatic Amnesia. He is able to wake up, he is able to talk, but it doesn’t always make much sense. During this stage, the brain starts to re-wire. He counts a lot, asks questions that do not make a lot of sense, and mixes up numbers and words. This is very normal for a TBI. There are times where he recognizes people and times he doesn’t even remember me until I remind him, he knows he is fire/medic, will talk about fire and medical terminology, and other things that lead us to believe he is going to have an amazing recovery. It’s just all bouncing around and out of order at the moment. When a person has a traumatic injury to the brain, the brain will typically not store the accident that caused the injury. Also, with Post Traumatic Amnesia, the brain cannot store new memories right away. These are things the Craig facility can help with. He has also been able to eat ice, small amounts of applesauce, and drink small spoons of water. Matt has made amazing improvements and we are very ready to see what Craig can do for him!

A GoFundMe account set up for Dawson has raised more than $50,000 to date.

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