On Wednesday's edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Lubbock County Republican Party chairman Carl Tepper talked with Chad Hasty about last night's presidential debate.

Tepper said that for the most part, both of the candidates were on the attack, and the debate pretty much ended in a tie. He said that it seemed President Obama was trying too hard to be aggressive and it came off as forced, or fake. As for Romney, Tepper said he wasn't quite as disarming as he was in the last debate.

Tepper said that one of the main problems with the debate last night was the town hall format. He said that you always get a few "dumb" questions in these kinds of debates, such as "If elected, what would you do to get me a job?" However, he was glad to see Lybia being brought up, and he thinks the American people are finally starting to understand that Obama handled Lybia in a horrible manner.

The final presidential debate will take place Monday, October 22nd, and will focus primarily on foreign policy.

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