On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, District 3 city councilman Todd Klein joined Allen Corbin and Rex Andrew to discuss all the latest news coming out of city council.

One of the big issues the council dealt with in last night's meeting was a complaint by local printers concerning incentives from the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) for Copy Craft Printers. Klein re-iterated the position he took at last night's meeting, saying that it is not LEDA's place to pick winners and losers in local businesses.

"The government picking winners and losers just doesn't make sense and that was sort of the theme last night by those individuals that have been adversely impacted by the very activity. I think there are ways to do LEDA involvement...but the key economic development is LP&L."

The city budget was also discussed in last night's meeting. Klein said that if an increase in taxes came up, he would vote against it, but also warned that there were 7 other people on the council and that he doesn't know how they would vote.

Klein also talked about West Nile Virus appearing in Lubbock, flat taxes and property taxes, and his "conversion" from the Democratic party chairman to the Republican party.