Tuesday, September 21, 2021 has been proclaimed as 'Tom Collins Day' by Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope and the Lubbock City Council.

The proclamation is in honor of Tom's 60th birthday. Tom is a Texas Tech graduate and a long-time Lubbock resident and business owner (Utmost Design). He's also been involved in Lubbock radio over the course of the past five decades with most of his airtime spent on KFYO.

Tom has known Mayor Pope for a number of years and today's proclamation pokes fun at some of the milestones in Tom's life.

Here's the proclamation in full:


WHEREAS: Tom Collins was born 60 years ago
today on September 21, 1961, and much like the used car
he drove in high school, Tom also had many issues going
from zero to sixty; and,

WHEREAS: Tom Collins became a Naturalized Texan
in 1975, an official resident of the Hub City in 1980, and
a Texas Tech Alum in 1985. Tom then went into
broadcasting, where upon the Tom Collins Show was
recognized as aptly named, because most of Tom's guests
need a stiff drink after appearing on his show; and,

WHEREAS: Tom has boast that in 1992, he survived
a head on collision with a 1-ton brahma bull. Tom further
boasted that the collision did not affect his career, as he
still had a "face that was perfect for radio"; and,

WHEREAS: Tom Collins is a tax-paying property
and business owner (never delinquent), a momma's boy
who has skillfully managed to avoid jail, prison, and the
penitentiary for six decades, and upon reaching today, his
60th rotation around the sun wants to thank to all his
friends, listeners, and well-wishers for the swift kick in the
pants, as Tom has determined that "It's all downhill from
here!"; and,

WHEREAS: It is appropriate to recognize Tom
Collins as a good man, a sage of Lubbock radio, and a
special individual who cares about his community and its
residents; and,

NOW, THEREFORE, we the Mayor and City Council of
the great City of Lubbock do hereby proclaim September
21, 2021 as

Tom Collins Day

in Lubbock, and ask all citizens to join us in celebrating a
special milestone birthday for a special Hub City
broadcast personality.

Dated this 21st day of September, 2021

*signed by Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope, and Lubbock City Council members: Steve Massengale, Juan Chadis, Shelia Patterson Harris, Jeff Griffith, Randy Christian, and Latrelle Joy*

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