Monday afternoon, at a special meeting, the Lubbock City Council approved a resolution which directs the City Manager and City Attorney’s office to offer eligible property owners agreements to keep their land from being annexed in South Lubbock County for a 20 year period.

Votes for a 10-year period, or a 30-year period, failed by 4-3 margins before the council affirmed the 20 year period.

The agreements, in lieu of annexation, are being offered under Chapter 212.732 and Chapter 43 ("Ag Exemption") of the Texas Local Government Code.

The vote for the 20 year period was 5-2 with Council members Jeff Griffith (District 3) and Latrelle Joy (District 6) dissenting.

"I'm not in favor of the (Chapter) 212 agreements," Joy said. "We represent the citizens of Lubbock. There's been a lot of discussion, research and work done concerning this annexation. And it does involve the outer loop, which is 146th Street approximately.

"We represent the citizens of Lubbock. Those of you in the county, you use our services, you use our streets, but you're not paying for those. In order to have an orderly land use plan we need to get ahead of the development. This is a plan that calls for being ahead of the development."

Monday's vote concerning the Chapter 212.732 and Chapter 43 agreements does not affect city council's future vote concerning the proposed annexation.

Next month, at their April 14 meeting, the Lubbock City Council will consider a resolution that would annex up to 2,394 acres of land in South Lubbock County essentially bordered by Milwaukee Avenue and Avenue U, south of the current city limits, going south to 148th Street, excepting three previously built residential areas.

The city council will have the option to annex the whole 2,394 acres, a reduced area, or nothing at all.

City Attorney Chad Weaver pointed out a clarification with the Chapter 212.732 agreements after a question from Councilwoman Karen Gibson (District 5). If a property owner signs a 212 agreement with the city, but the property ends up not being annexed in April, the 212 agreement is then "null and void".

The presumed deadline for the Chapter 212.732 and Chapter 43 agreements to be signed by the property owners, and a city representative, is either Friday, April 8 or Monday, April 11.

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