His photo shows a mellow, sweet fella with the cutest freckles on that oh-so-kissable snoot.

Jaime is described by the staff at the Lubbock Animal Shelter & Adoption Center (3323 SE Loop 289) as a pretty precious guy:

Jaime is a 2-year-old male Pit Bull who has been with us for 52 days. He is very sweet and loveable but will have to be the only animal in the house. He wants all the love and kisses to himself. He is up to date on all his shots, fixed, and microchipped.

In spite of all of Jaime's great qualities (like those very velvety-looking flappy ears), he's been in LAS's care for quite a while because placing pit-bull type dogs can be a challenge due to harmful and usually inaccurate stereotypes. Some landlords will not allow a pit-type dog, which is utter malarkey when you know pit bull isn't even a breed, but a catch-all term for dogs with broad bodies and short faces.

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My dog is also one of those "only dog" type of dogs, but it doesn't make her a bad dog at all. She adores people and is incredibly friendly with anyone she meets, and she loves her kitties as well. She is just really hostile towards other dogs, which means she gets to be an only child brat in my home.

Jaime wants to be an only child, too. I think it's possible my dog had a bad encounter with a dog before I got her, and Jaime might have experienced the same thing.  However, I know there is a currently dog-less home that would be the perfect fit for Jaime.

Can't adopt but want to help the animals at LAS? They are experiencing a critical shortage of blankets and towels. If you'd like to donate inexpensive new ones, or gently used clean towels and blankets, you can drop them off at LAS during open hours, which is Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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