Lubbock Animals Services Adoption Center (3323 SE Loop 289) has many wonderful cats and dogs (and sometimes roosters, goats, etc.) ready to find their perfect forever homes. Cutie pie Callie is no exception.

Someone in Lubbock (or nearby) has the home and heart for this gorgeous gray pit bull. Remember, "pit bull" is not such much a breed as a descriptor: a bull terrier type with a broad build. Their bad press is total baloney in my opinion and just an excuse for landlords to discriminate against a certain dog type.

But because landlords do discriminate, it lowers the number of homes that can take them in without violating a rental contract.

Pibble lovers know that these dogs can be loving, docile couch potatoes under the right care. And that any other breed of dog can be a vicious nightmare if it is not cared for properly. It's a bias that rubs me wrong because I've only ever been attacked by a Chow Chow, and the only strange dog to ever bite me was a chihuahua.

Callie is described as a "sweet girl" by LAS staff, and I can certainly tell from her eyes that she is a sweetie pie. She's also up to date on her shots, fixed and microchipped.

If you're looking for a very best friend, Callie is waiting for you.

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