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I've committed myself to a challenge, and I hope you will, too.

I have challenged myself to utilize local businesses whenever possible for the things I want and need. Yesterday, I needed a latte, bad. Yesterday was overcast, and then rainy, cool and totally autumnal. I need something warm and lovely to wake up.

The non-local option

There's a Starbucks right across from our radio station studio, and it's a perfectly great Starbucks. However, there are also many wonderful and unique local options for coffee, so I took the extra few minutes to drive to the lovely town of Wolfforth and get my drinks from Tumbleweed + Sage (610 Donald Preston Drive). It was well worth the short drive that happened to be a straight shot west on 82nd Street, which turns into Donald Preston Drive when you enter Wolfforth city limits.

A confession

Let me reveal a secret about not only myself, but my friend Chrissy of The Rockshow. We don't really go in for complicated, sweet coffee drinks. We like traditional drinks done correctly. I ordered a latte for myself, and an americano for her.

The review

Our drinks were absolutely perfect. The espresso used in our drinks was obviously of high quality and the drinks were crafted perfectly. It was exactly what I wanted. What I didn't know I wanted was a Halloween-themed Italian crème soda.

I used to love Italian crème sodas, but I got burned a couple times on them. They're not particularly complicated drinks -- soda water, a flavored syrup, cream. But everywhere I had gone in Lubbock kept getting the ratio off or were using cheap syrup, because each one I got was pretty nasty. The one I received at Tumbleweed + Sage brought back the joy of that drink for me. I absolutely slurped it down, and the addition of the Halloween gummy candy made it adorable and oh-so picture worthy.

Who goes there?

My only regret is that I didn't have more time to spend actually hanging out at Tumbleweed + Sage. It's cozy, inviting and relaxing. They were also playing awesome music at a level where you could listen and enjoy it or tune it out if you were there to study. I did see people studying there, along with folks grabbing their drinks to go like I did, though there's a drive-thru if you prefer. My favorite sight was two friends catching up over coffee.

What makes it special?

Tumbleweed + Sage is incredibly active with their community, hosting several special events a month. I really recommend you follow them on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with all of their special events. Tumbleweed + Sage is an inclusive and welcoming place, that supports Lubbock Pride and other community organizations. Tumbleweed + Sage stocks hygiene items for folks who may find themselves without them otherwise. They also support the arts by hosting a Little Crow's Market vending machine. Those are incredibly cool, by the way. And Tumbleweed + Sage has a rotating menu of unique specialty coffee drinks, pastries and other goodies so there's always something new to try.

The takeaway

I had a beautiful experience at Tumbleweed + Sage, and I bet you will, too. My drinks were cheaper than Starbucks, so that's a win, too. Supporting local was an absolute win this time.

Lubbock Local Challenge: Tumbleweed + Sage Coffeehouse

Next time you want coffee, consider local first! Tumbleweed + Sage is a fantastic choice. Located in Wolfforth, its a very short drive from South or West Lubbock.

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