Gun rights are very important and always a hot issue here in Texas. Most in Texas agree that we have the right to own and carry guns. Restrictions are where most of the arguments start for Texans. Should those on college campuses be able to carry? Should you be able to carry here or there? Well now there is a new fight under way in Austin that should ended soon.

The Dallas Morning News reports that some Texas lawmakers want the right to carry concealed guns where you or I can't. According to the DMN:

State law allows residents to be licensed to carry a concealed handgun but restricts some locations. A bill under consideration in a House committee would exempt legislators and statewide officeholders from those restrictions.

“This is not intended to be any type of elitist bill,” Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt, R-Lexington, said Monday.

“We spend a disproportionate amount of our time with the public in these particular locations. And therefore it’s a safety factor,” said Kleinschmidt, the measure’s sponsor.


This is a perfect example of lawmakers looking out for themselves. In Kleinschmidt's world, only lawmakers are targets at bars, schools, sporting events, hospitals, churches, and amusement parks. The general public, or you know us peons aren't targets. How exactly is this not an elitist bill?

This bill was dreamed up because of the shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, but remember Giffords was shot during a town hall type meeting. She wasn't at a ball game or having a beer. She was speaking at a grocery store and some crazy person shot her.

I understand wanting to feel safe and secure. It's important that all of our elected officials are safe, but I'm sure all Texans who have CHL's would love to feel secure as well. CHL holders feel vulnerable when they can't carry in restricted areas. Kleinschmidt also said this:

“There are so many places I’m scheduled to go where we don’t know the circumstances, but you’ve got to be there,” he said. “In some instances, you really don’t know what type of neighborhood, what type of risks you may be exposed to.”

Wow. Sound familiar to any CHL holders?

I have no problem with lawmakers being able to carry their concealed guns in bars, schools, sporting events, hospitals, churches, and amusement parks. No problem at all, as long as all CHL holders are allowed to carry in those places as well.

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