Lubbock Christian University announced on Thursday its decision to opt out of Texas Senate Bill 11 -- the so-called Campus Carry Bill. Private college institutions are allowed to opt out of the law.

In a press release, LCU announced their decision, stating:

"After thoughtful deliberation with faculty, staff, students, and the board of trustees, effective August 1, 2016, Lubbock Christian University will exercise its right to opt out of Texas Senate Bill 11, commonly known as campus carry, as prescribed by the Texas Legislature."

According to the bill: "A private or independent institution may prohibit license holders from carrying handguns on its campus, any grounds or building on which a university-sponsored activity is being conducted."

"Lubbock Christian University places a high priority on safety, seeking to create a secure environment on its campus for students, faculty, staff, and guests," said President Tim Perrin. "I'm deeply grateful for all of the invaluable feedback that was shared during the consultation period."

LCU, a Church of Christ affiliated school, said that select faculty and staff members who are licensed to carry firearms will be allowed to carry on campus grounds.

LCU went the opposite direction from their counterparts down on 19th street. Texas Tech University announced their policy to be compliant with SB 11 earlier this year.