Texas Tech University Interim President Dr. John Opperman joined The Chad Hasty Show on Thursday to talk about the issue of campus carry on the Texas Tech University campus.

Opperman talked in detail about the policy reviews and decision making processes that are ongoing by a task force composed of both both faculty staff and students. The group is considering what the policy will be at Texas Tech, while ensuring that it will meet the requirements of state law.

When asked by Hasty if he believes that campus carry will make any difference at all with regard to the level of safety on the campus, Opperman replied: "I don't. I think the chances of, really on both sides of this issue, people that are on the extreme sides, will cite certain circumstances that support their view, but the fact is, those circumstances are pretty slim that they would ever occur."

"It's the law, and we'll follow the law," Opperman added. "But as to whether the campus is more safe or less safe, at this point in time I don't think there's evidence to prove either way."

Listen to the entire interview with Dr. John Opperman in the video above.

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