A TikTok recently went viral showing a parking garage in Perth, Australia that has a section designated for women only.

The parking area sports a bright pink color with images of women along the walls, as well as signs in the garage that state "kindly reserve this bay for female drivers." According to the video's caption, the area also has security present.

The video has nearly 500,000 views with around 300 comments, most of which express their concerns with a female-only parking garage.

Obviously, the idea of parking for only women is to help them feel safer, but as many commenters pointed out, it has the potential to do the opposite. Many women are worried that this would only put a bigger target on women’s backs by letting creeps know where most women will be located.

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One commenter suggested a way to improve the idea by making it an entire level or separate garage that requires some sort of code to get access. However, others pointed out how that would be too complicated and not very reliable.

Many women go out of their way to make their car unidentifiable as a woman’s car in order to avoid being targeted. Having a designated area that's bright pink and makes you stick out as a female driver just doesn’t seem very appealing.

I think if the security is top-notch and they can ensure the safety of the women using this parking garage, then it can be smart. However, many women are already on edge about standing out to creeps, so it's understandable why they would be hesitant to use something like this.

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