After an elderly woman was taken to UMC on Monday following a hit-and-run accident, nearly instant karma returned for Caleb Zane Caballero (pictured above). He was later identified as the man who hit the woman in the street leaving her, as KAMC News reports, "lying in the roadway" and "in obvious pain near her walker."

The accident happened in the 2400 block of 1st Street. A witness saw the entire thing and was able to provide police with the make, model and license plate information from Caballero's car, and even a physical description of the suspect.

Shortly after the incident, officers found Caballero, the car was still running in the driveway. The police report noted that Caballero seemed "extremely nervous" when the police showed up. If you think that's because he just ran over an old lady, buckle up, because it gets better for karma and worse for Caballero.

During a pat search as Caballero was being questioned, police found marijuana and methamphetamine. The Daily Double in 'you got arrested for being an idiot' Jeopardy!

Caballero was arrested on the charges of an accident involving injury, possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance. By Wednesday evening, Caballero was no longer listed on the Lubbock County Jail roster.

As a kicker for the story, Caballero had a passenger in the car when he allegedly hit the woman with the walker and left her injured in the street. That passenger, Adelle Ramirez, just happened to have an outstanding warrant with the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office and was arrested as well.

Sometimes karma gets you years later, sometimes its justice is swift.

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