'It's a great problem to have." Coach Scott said about having more quality guys than he has open positions, "I tell the guys to make it hard for me because now I gotta figure out where these pieces go."

To sum up the depth he has in the defensive backfield Coach Scott said, "Every position is written in pencil." Which is a fancy way of saying nobody's job is safe. You have to assume Jah'Shawn Johnson will get ample playing time but beyond that the secondary is wide open for anyone to take a job.

Coach Scott wants his DBs to motivate each other to be better saying, "Peer pressure is the best pressure," Scott continued,"When you see your buddies going out there and lay it out on the line, you'd be an idiot not to join."

I love that. Something that has plagued the Texas Tech defense in recent years is infectious defense. There have been select games and seasons that have provided defensive bright spots but rarely have we seen a composite effort from the group.

Coach Scott also commented on the Double T-less program, "We don't have Double Ts. We don't need to worry about what, but how. We just need to put our hands down and grind." It seems like Coach Scott's attitude is that the whole program felt entitled last season, and when it didn't work out to anyones standards there were changes made.

When those changes take hold, the Double T will return.

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