This year seems to be the year of celebrations. The South Plains Mall is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022, and another local legend, Joyland Amusement Park, has turned 50.

Joyland is a popular destination for people who grew up in the Lubbock area or visit during the summer. The black and green water slides are coming-of-age proof of pre-teen pride. Riding the bumper cars with your best friend and getting on the log ride just so you can get soaked because it's just sweltering outside are all things that Joyland has provided with thousands of families over the years.

Sadly, a group of vandals decided to make their own memories in Joyland after everyone had gone home.

KAMC news reports that the amusement park was broken into on the night of July 15th just before 11 p.m.. Three people broke in and vandalized a Dippin Dots kiosk, then stole candy from the Jimmy's concession stand. There were damages made to a soda machine before the vandals broke into the main office and were caught on security cameras.

According to the Joyland Amusement Park Facebook page, there was also thousands of dollars worth of damages to other buildings.

Maybe this group of after-hour criminals were searching for where Joyland keeps their fun, since everyone has heard the commercial "Joyland! Where the fun is!" I know if I didn't have anything better to do than break into an amusement park I would search for what they're known for.

Joyland is seeking the public's help to identify the trio and is asking that anyone with information steps forward.

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