Texas House District 84 Representative John Frullo (R) appeared Thursday (March 23) on The Chad Hasty Show to discuss Uber/Lyft legislation, HB 2 and more.

Rep. Frullo shared his thoughts on the Uber/Lyft ride sharing legislation with Hasty.

"We have the Uber/Lyft ride share bill that will be up, and I think things like that, you want to look at what makes sense. What can we expect," said Rep. Frullo. "And from what the ride share folks do now, you know, it makes it easier to get around, we've seen actually where drunk driving goes down. All these different things, there's a lot of good side benefits, to those kinds of laws."

Rep. Frullo also maintained Texas' leadership role in the U.S. while taking a shot at the west coast.

"I think at the end of the day, we like to run Lubbock the way we like to run Lubbock. So we want to be cognizant of those facts, and try to do that to where there is a difference, there are differences," Rep. Frullo said. "Again, what makes Texas so great is the way we do stuff here versus a lot of these other states. Compare us to California. I mean, they just do some goofy things out there."

Listen to the entire interview with Representative John Frullo in the video above.

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