Monday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Congressman Jodey Arrington joined Dave and Matt to talk about several issues happening both regionally and nationally.

Arrington discussed subjects concerning rural hospitals, emergency wall funding, investigations into the President and where they go too far, and more.

On the topic of rural community hospitals, Arrington explained that many rural hospitals are struggling to survive. "If you can't provide basic care to families in rural communities, you're going to have a tough time sustaining the food, fuel, and fiber production that our country depends on," Arrington said. He went on to explain that in addition to the amendment they made to the farm bill, that there is still more to be done. Jodey is currently down in Crosby Texas to see what he can do to help. "We think we have most of the what we need in terms of answers," Arrington said, "but the best way to get to the solution is to listen, and that's what we're coming out here to do. We're going to deal with a number of hospitals, but we're going to listen and make sure we have the right game plan going in."

Arrington also discussed the continued battle Trump is putting forth to secure emergency wall funding to try and protect citizens. Arrington was disappointed that congress is making it difficult for the President Trump to do this, saying

"This is squarely, statutorily acceptable, and constitutionally acceptable, for the president to exorcise. If he didn't, I believe he would be derelict in his duty as commander in chief to protect the citizens and defend our severn borders. It's sad that congress couldn't figure out a solution. He gave us enough runway to do it."

Watch the full interview with Congressman Arrington in the video above.

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