A state legislator has received two key endorsements.

Jim Landtroop, State House District 88 representative has been endorsed by the Texas Right to Life PAC and the Texas Association of Realtors.

“State Representative Jim Landtroop achieved a 135 percent Pro-Life voting record during his first session in the State House, proving to be an unwavering leader for the sanctity of human life,” wrote Elizabeth Graham, director of the Texas Right to Life PAC. “Countless unborn Texans have been saved due to the new Sonogram Law and Jim’s Pro-Life efforts.”

The Texas Association of Realtors lauded Landtroop’s efforts during his time as a state representative as well.

“The next legislative session will be filled with difficult decisions,” said Texas Association of Realtors Chairman Joe Stewart. “That’s why we need lawmakers like Landtroop who understand the critical role homeowners play in keeping our state prosperous, which is why we’ve pledged our full support.”

Landtroop discussed his endorsement by the Texas Association of Realtors, saying “As a fellow small business owner, I understand the current hardships realtors and all Texans are facing due to excessive federal regulation that is choking our business climate and ability to create jobs.”

Landtroop has also been endorsed by Governor Rick Perry and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.