Donald Trump's crude language has been a topic of discussion during this election season. He's dropped an F-bomb during a speech in New Hampshire and called someone else an S.O.B while speaking in Florida. But none of that has seeped into Trump's advertising.

One South Plains politician, however, decided to go through with a bleeped word in an ad.

Jim Landtroop is challenging State Rep. John Frullo for the Republican nomination in House District 84. On Wednesday, his campaign released a radio and television ad that has the word "ass" bleeped out.

Is the Landtroop ad gratuitous? The language unnecessary? Well, that's for the voters to decide. Meanwhile, political discourse in the U.S. keeps moving toward PG-13, and potentially rated R territory.

A seven-second delay might be needed for political advertising, not just press conferences and speeches.

You can watch the Landtroop ad below: