Lubbock is home to a variety of stunning homes. Some are new, modern, and full of current architectural trends, and others are older, full of history and charm.

The southern parts of Lubbock are home to many of the newer homes, while north and central Lubbock is where most of the historic homes sit. One example is 2901 19th Street, a stunning historic Lubbock home that is currently for sale.

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If you are looking for a family home that has a lot of character, cozy sitting areas, and a great outdoor space for enjoying a beautiful fall day or entertaining your friends and family. Keep scrolling to learn more about this house, a little bit of its history, how much it is selling for, and take a look inside.

My personal favorite part is the backyard, you don’t want to miss it.

Historic 19th Street Lubbock Home

This Lubbock home is on the market as of September 2023.

Gallery Credit: Emily Claire

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