With the holidays comes the cold West Texas nights, the smell of cinnamon and pine, and all the lights. One West Texas town in Northwest Lubbock County seems to be taking the holidays more seriously than any others and that's Shallowater.

I was hanging out in Shallowater one night when I noticed that the town has a lot of holiday lights. Then as I kept driving I noticed that this town had lights on almost every other house and building that it was impossible to not feel cheery and happy. That's when I thought could this town have the best lights out of the whole county?

Well the answer is very simple and that's "I don't know" but I have never seen any other small town in Lubbock County or surrounding counties have that many lights on so many structures. No I am not exaggerating because Shallowater High School has it's own lights display with it's own living Christmas tree that just lives on campus and gets dolled up every December.

There could be the possibility that Shallowater seems very decorated because it is so small especially when compared to Lubbock. Or it could just be that Shallowater likes to go all out and show off their holiday spirit as they welcome everyone who passes by to enjoy the bright lights. I do recommend going to Shallowater and stopping by that Sonic (all Sonics are amazing) for a Route 44 drink and a breakfast burrito, trust me, then enjoying all the lights around the town.

If you know of any small towns in Lubbock County or other surrounding areas with possibly more lights than Shallowater let us know by emailing mikael.donnovan@townsquaremedia.com and send us some pictures. We would love for you to show off those hometown lights.

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