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So what is the WORST that could happen if there was NO government? What if it all just "went away"?

Gosh - I guess people would have to speak to one another, barter and trade to get by. If they had nothing but their muscles and sweat to offer, then I guess they'd go to work for someone who could take care of them. Or else they'd perish. Bummer.

All the people "on the right side of history" would be forced to step up and take care of all of those people whom they so proudly, staunchly defended and DEMANDED be taken care of by the government. Or they'd be overwhelmed and they too would perish. Bummer.

And all the abortion clinics, free clinics and morning after pill factories would come to a screeching halt and these "right side of history" people would have to suddenly be accountable and live with all of the bad choices they had made. What?!?

And they'd have to stop being career students and entitlement voters. Oh my.

All those gLibs would have to stand in line with illegal immigrant/undocumented Democrats for work and a dose of reality. There wouldn't be enough of anything to go around  .. and they'd perish. Total bummer.

Meanwhile, those of us who have hung on so tightly to our guns and Bibles will be just fine with our defended properties, Victory Gardens and our home-schools.

Let it close. Let it all go down. Just see what happens.

Obama's Third Reich, er, ah, Term, will run out of spiteful shenanigans or will be unable to handle the sneaky patriots who cross barricades and cones and fences to those lands which BELONG TO US: THE PEOPLE and we'll be poised to reinvent all of it as Obama, Killary and Sleepy Joe will all be tired and impotent.

The time is NOW for fighters, investors and people of change TO DO what they have always wanted. The Left cannot stop all of us. This Obama Third Term mess is strangling people and making the "wafflers" (apathetic masses aka their people) less and less enthused about getting up and working or fighting.

If not NOW, then prepare for it to only get worse.

- McDermott

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