It is that time of year when plants are blooming, the sun is shining, and all of the bug eggs layed in the fall are hatching. This means we are left with the common spring and summer struggle of keeping said bugs out of your home.  

We often see a struggle with flies, mosquitos, and spiders in West Texas, but there are other bugs that can invade your home with just as much force. This spring, one of the biggest problems I’m seeing is with moths, specifically miller moths. 

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I first noticed it when there were a few moths making their way between the storm door and the front door of my house. They would get trapped there and I’d find their bodies, or they would come flying out when I opened the door. It wasn’t a big problem, so I didn’t think much about it.  

It wasn’t until accidentally leaving the garage door open at night that I realized just how many moths were out for the spring. I think a combination of the moths being attracted to the light in the garage, plus the colder weather we’ve had the past couple days, lead around a hundred moths to move into my garage in just a short timeframe. 

We managed to swat most of them out with a broom and have only seen a few in there since, but now I can’t help but see these moths everywhere. They are in the entries to businesses, in people’s houses, and more. This also isn't an uncommon occurrence this time of year. 

Fortunately, there are some ways to get rid of the moths and to prevent them from coming to your home in the first place. There are a variety of moth insecticides available at the store, plus you can opt to use yellow lights on your house instead of white lights in order to attract less moths in general.  

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