Especially after such a waste-heavy holiday, Lubbock dumpsters have been piled high with all sorts of trash. The problem is, once the dumpster is full, what do you do?

While some people would do the right thing and find another dumpster to dispose of their waste in, or hold onto it until the garbage truck comes by, that isn’t the most popular reaction. Instead, people are deciding that the best way to deal with a full dumpster is to simply stack their garbage next to it.

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While this might seem like a quick and easy fix, it actually causes way more problems. Not only will the trash not in the dumpster be left there to rot and attracts pests, but whoever lives closest to that dumpster could potentially be fined for the garbage littering the alley behind their home. This especially applies to large items.

Sure, Lubbock’s trash service isn’t the best at times. For example, the trash in my neighborhood has been getting picked up a day late for the past couple of weeks.

However, that isn’t an excuse to not do the right thing. It’s like the people who decide they don’t take two minutes to return their shopping cart at the store. All it does is show that you have no sense of self-government and don’t care about your actions inconveniencing those around you.

Let this also be a reminder to always break down any boxes you are throwing away. There is a good chance the dumpster has a bunch of boxes taking up space and taking 30 seconds to break them down would save a lot of space and hassle.

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