As I’ve been living in Lubbock, Texas for nearly a decade now, I adore this place. However, I will admit we are lacking in a few areas.

One of those areas is having a great local bagel shop.

Sure, we have Einstein's and you can get bagels at the grocery store or a couple bakeries in town, but there is something so special about a local bagel shop, and Lubbock is missing out.

I grew up with a local family-owned bagel shop and it was one of the best things ever. You could get any type of bagel you want with cream cheese, butter, as a breakfast sandwich, or just plain, and they were delicious.

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The chewy outside with the fluffy inside, the perfect toastablility, amazing flavor, and a great atmosphere all made this place a local staple.

Sure, perfecting the recipe can be a challenge, but there must be at least one person in all of Lubbock that can make a good bagel. You just have to keep it simple with a few classic flavors like plain, everything, onion, poppy seed, cinnamon raisin, cheddar jalapeño, and maybe a couple others.

Then you need a good cream cheese, maybe a couple flavors like garlic herb and strawberry if you’re feeling fancy, and a griddle to make eggs and bacon.

Maybe throw a few bottled drinks in the mix, and you have a simple and amazing bagel shop that I'm sure many people would adore.

But who knows, maybe Lubbock just isn’t a bagel loving city...

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