Let me just make this clear...I am not official endorser for McDonald's.  Although, they can call me and we'll talk-lol.  Anyways, the greatest sandwich to ever grace the McDonald's menu (in my opinion) the McRib is back!  It is my favorite but very polarizing in our family. My kids will not even try it.  That is a shame. I know what you are saying -the McRib is back every year.  Hold up-not so fast- last year was the barbeque delight's farewell tour. It was retired. Gone.  Like Arby's potato cakes.  Like Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza (before it came back).  No more McRib?  No more notifications in my family text from my daughter who would hear the news before me on the McDonald's app.  It was the end of a sandwich era.  So we thought...

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Now after less than a year of being retired, the G.O.A.T. is back (again)!  The tangy goodness has not gone the way of Arby's Potato cakes (on a side note- Arby's please bring these back).  It has not gone of the way of the Taco Bell Bell Beefer (look it up it was a taco meat burger). Anyways, you get my point.  This November is the magical time McRibbers (just made that up) can dig in on their favorite sandwich.

This is one of the posts generated by McDonald's shocking announcement...

There it is again "limited time" and "could this be the last year?"  Right now, they just toying with us true McRib fans.  Please don't play with our emotions.  You have the devoted fan base - let's finally make this a regular menu item.  Who is with me.  Hello?!

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