Recently I was able to attend the Hub City Classic bodybuilding competition where people showed off the hard work they put into their bodies. While there I was able to speak with a few competitors and see why they did it but wanted to know more about the products they used to help them.


I was allowed to speak with Steven Taylor the owner of Gainiac Nutrition and started his business right after COVID-19 hit the U.S. in 2020. Steven didn't plan on getting into the supplement business but when he started looking online for supplements he discovered that he could contact the manufacturers and get them for cheaper for him and his family. This is what inspired Steven to help out others who were having struggles to get their hands on supplements and nutrition products by offering them those items for cheaper prices. If you live in Lubbock then ordering from Gainiac Nutrition is easy because they offer free delivery or shipping to residents.


Gainiac Nutrition does still deliver products around the United States to help people. Gainiac prides themselves in not pushing products on people and instead focuses on what items they need for their fitness journey. Gainiac Nutrition caters to people from all walks of life from high school athletes, stay at home moms, and even professional bodybuilders. Steven is no stranger to hard work and has only been bodybuilding himself for a few years and knows what it's like to ask for help so he encourages first timers to go by his store and talk with him and his staff.


For those, like myself, that have no knowledge of what they are doing nutrition wise Gainiac Nutrition does have knowledgeable staff with 10 - 15 certified trainers, some of which offer training as well. The coaches take into mind what outside sources from fitness are affecting your life like sleep and stress so they can see how they can help you. The coaches and staff are glad to help you on your journey to make your life that much better and reach your goals easily.

So if you are afraid to ask questions just remember to stop by Gainiac Nutrition and ask all the questions you have because they are more than happy to help.  Nutrition and supplements are just one part of entering bodybuilding, or any physical journey, the next stop is actually getting in the gym which we will discover soon. There are now two Gainiac Nutrition locations, one in Lubbock and the other in Hobbs, New Mexico, so make sure you choose the closest one to you. For more information about Gainiac Nutrition make sure to look at their websiteInstagram, or Facebook.

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