Sports are important to help kids stay active, build friendships outside of school, and let them get out lots of built up energy. One sport in particular that's been gaining lots of popularity in West Texas might need to get it's own junior division soon.

Skate On!

Roller derby is one of those sports that people think is for people with lots of aggression but that is actually one of many misconceptions. Roller derby is a full contact sport that involves two teams with five people on roller skates going around an oval track. This 60-minute sport then has the teams fighting to get points between jammers, blockers, and the occasional pivot. More detailed information about roller derby and the league can be found at the WFTDA website.

Jammers, Blockers, and Pivots Oh My!

So the question remains. Why does West Texas need a junior roller derby league? Well roller derby was brought back by women and the way football, a full contact sport, empowers men is what roller derby does for young girls. It's empowering and allows young girls to learn a sport in a team setting where they can fall and get back up even stronger.

This is not to say that other sports involving women are not tough but sometimes it can be frustrating having to focus on the ball or goal while running or waiting for your turn. Roller derby is almost like this surreal feeling of flying while having a full contact sport experience. It's my opinion that girls are way tougher when it comes to sports and this is just one more thing that could help bring a fun empowering sport to young girls in the West Texas area. Roller derby is not a girl sport but a sport for everywhen with male and co-ed teams in different leagues.

Should there be a junior roller derby team in West Texas and would you sign up your kiddos to learn this sport? Let us know!

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