No matter where you go in Lubbock, you are likely to see someone selling something on the side of the road.

Whether it’s puppies, fruit, or other merchandise, these vendors are spotted all around town. One that you have definitely seen over the past couple of years, especially if you frequent the area where the Marsha Sharp Freeway and Loop 289 intersect, is a flag vendor.

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These flags were hard to miss as they were flown high in the air, bellowing in the Lubbock wind. They had everything from ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ to the Rolling Stones represented on these flags. The real eye-catcher was the number of confederate flags as well as Trump and Biden flags, all with various messages, some being very unfavorable and quite profane.

These flags were being sold by Bobby Turner, and the controversial nature of his products lead to some concern from the general public. Lubbock law enforcement found themselves speaking with him and citing him with code violations in regarding him needing a business permit to sell flags in an ‘Interstate Highway Industrial District’.

Everything Lubbock found that Turner actually sued the City of Lubbock over this matter in May of 2023. He felt that he was being discriminated against by receiving these citations, and felt a need to fight against it.

KLBK stated, “A citation was issued in March 2022. Harris said the municipal court citation was thrown out, but his client remained at risk of further citations.”

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