If you have gone by the South Plains Mall, or just driven by on the Loop, then you might have noticed a big tent making it's home in the West parking lot. That tent actually belongs to the Garden Bros. Nuclear Circus who is in town to entertain everyone with their death defying circus acts.

The circus is an all out memorable time for spectators but we wanted to know what does it take to put those memorable acts together and stay safe. We spoke with Jr. the Clown, who is actually a fourth generation circus performer after his great grandfather came over to North America from Spain and settled in Mexico in another circus.

Jr. is the first clown in his family and states that you have to try everything to find your act and clowning has a bit of everything in it so you do have to practice and can't just wing it. Jr. also informed us that the Garden Bros Nuclear Circus is one of the biggest in the world after having eight towers and five rings that are used at all times during the show. For those of you wanting to runaway and join the circus you can fulfill that dream at any age especially this particular circus as long as you are dedicated and constantly practice.

Living the circus life can be hard so most circus performers tend to marry other circus performers since they are the ones who tend to understand what it's like. The Garden Bros. Nuclear Circus has been entertaining people all over the world for over 100 years with a strong bond that invites you in like family. It was easy to talk to the performers and staff that help make the big top just a big family as they treated me like one of their own.

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The circus is only here until Sunday, March 26, with their last performance in the Hub City starting at 7 p.m. that day. For more information on those performance times and to purchase tickets can find that on the Garden Bros. Nuclear Circus website.

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