Not all water is created equally, at least that's what I learned this morning from a professional water sommelier who shared a hack for what water to drink on flights to avoid using the restroom.

Like most people, I typically choose my water based solely on the taste...or the price...depending on the situation. I had no idea certain types of water almost literally run straight through you...

Check out a video posted to TikTok by water sommelier @martinrieseofficial, and keep it in mind for the next time you have to take a flight or sit through a long meeting at work.

The only downside to his revelation is the taste of Fiji water. To me, Fiji water is just about as good as tap water from a public school in Texas. Am I the only one that can't stand it? I tried to like it, especially because of the fancy cool bottle, but nope.

Luckily, there are plenty of different brands of spring and mineral water to choose from that will have the same effect, like Essentia Water and Evian.

He also mentions in his video the benefits of drinking spring water are more than just skipping the bathroom line on an airplane. Electrolytes found in spring and mineral water keep you hydrated and help your body absorb more nutrients.

What do you think about his stunning revelation? Did you know? Am I the only idiot that had zero idea? Let me know in a comment wherever you find this article and keep scrolling for more interesting content in the galleries below...

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