Picture this: You just moved into a rental home in Lubbock and you're excited to show it off to your friends, family, and online followers. You walk through the home and do a little video tour, before heading out back to give them a peek at your storm shelter. You walk over to open it and discover someone is down there...

TikTok @mayasledge_
TikTok @mayasledge_

Creepy, right? Gives me goosebumps thinking about it. Eeesh.

I came across an incredibly creepy viral TikTok out of Lubbock, Texas that I thought might interest you. A young lady found herself in the situation I mentioned above, and to say she was 'freaked out' is an understatement. She was absolutely horrified. The scream she lets out is like something from a horror film.

Check out the footage below and see what you think. I'm pretty convinced there was someone down there...

She watched her own video over and over again, trying to figure out what exactly happened and if there was, in fact, someone down there. She is almost certain that a person was holding onto a rope to keep the cellar door closed. She even called the police to come out and investigate.

She posted a follow-up video that gives more details about the strange encounter:

She also posted a slow-motion video of the encounter. Take a look at it:

Do you think there was someone hiding out in this storm shelter? Whatever the case, I'm never opening a cellar door again. I'm done. Nope. No thanks. The tornadoes can just have me.

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