It's April 23, so how can you celebrate National Picnic Day in style here in Lubbock, TX?

Well, thanks for asking! Lubbock actually has MANY beautiful spots and sites to eat your lunch alone with nature, or to take that special someone on a food-fueled fairytale f-adventure.

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Buffalo Springs Lake

Just 20 minutes East of the Texas Tech Campus, this gorgeous chunk of nature offers just about anything your typical top-tier lakeside destination offers: nature trails for hiking or biking, fishing, boating, even RV campsites if one day just isn't enough. Enjoy your glassless picnic at the beach at sunset (my favorite time to visit).

Mackenzie Park

Mackenzie Park is one of those places that just seems to be the go-to when folks in Lubbock think of THE park to visit. I have taken many a picture here in my time at college simply due to the fact that I will never be disappointed with the outcome. This location is prime picnic picking thanks to the abundance of wildflowers on one side, then the desert-y feel on the other: perfect for a couple who can't decide where to settle for the afternoon.

Prairie Dog Town

Yes, I have to include Prairie Dog Town in this list. How can you not just love these pudgy little fellas? The bonus for having your picnic here is that you can share your discarded lettuce or carrots whether you agree to it or not.

These are just some of my favorite locations in The Hub City for picnics. Keep reading for a full list of best picnic locations in Lubbock, TX.

Given that it's a national holiday today, I might just have to visit one after work. I'll see ya'll out there.

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