Tiffany Kelly came home to find her house engulfed in flames. She was grateful that her dogs made it out of the blaze through a doggy door, but she lost a lifetime's worth of belongings and memories. A heartbreaking video of the blaze at 412 Simmons Street last Saturday night around 7 pm in Lubbock is going viral.

Not long ago, Tiffany left an abusive relationship and took on the project of fixing up and repairing an old house. She scrimped and saved to make the house a home she could be proud of. She even taught herself plumbing to remodel the home alone and as cost-effectively as possible.

She's at a total loss right now, and the home wasn't covered by insurance, making things even worse.

Tiffany wrote this on her GoFundMe page:

"Hi, my name is Tiffany and 4 years ago I left abusive relationship while he worked in my minivan and what fit it. This home was free, but it needed everything after hauling tons of junk off. Electricity, new plumbing, there wasn't even a toilet. Almost every window was broken & taped or boarded off. I worked full-time at job and every penny & spare time went to fixing it up. To me, I loved it, it was a 50 year old home, but I had really made it colorful and comfortable. I learned to do so much, I surprised myself . I have autoimmune disease & arthritis, but I fight the pain and have done all this on my own, proving that I can do really hard things. I had knee surgery 7 weeks ago, 3 wwks after I got an infection. My knee is still hurting and swelling. I only have my 2 scared rescue dogs and my purse & car. I just bought groceries yesterday and now don't have food for any of us. Thankfully I had a doggie door for them to escape. I just ran around the corner to store and came back seeing my living room engulfed and then as I watched neighbors grabbing garden hoses to try & help. I lived outside if town, no city water mains, so the fire crew's took longer to arrive and kept running out of water. All I could do is watch my l8fe burning down. I don't have money, insurance or anything now. A space heater or it's outlet started it, and in no time it burned everything. Please, I normally help others & hate to ask for help, but I have no choice. I am having a hard time walking and now, 2 scared rescue dogs that are confused and have nothing. Please anything will help, I will go on, I get knocked down, but I always get up and try again. Thank you."

If you're in a position to help Tiffany in any way, please head over to her GoFundMe page! She is a local activist and wonderfully kind person who needs a hand right now. Let's come together as a community and make sure she gets the help she needs.

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