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It's official. Texans are loud. When it comes to talking or celebrating or debating or even just being at the store, we like to make our presence known. At least that is according to a new study out by Preply which ranked Texas in the top ten of loud talking states.

But when it comes to loud talkers, Texas isn't number one. According to Preply, Texas ranked 7th in the United States for loudest talkers. The states that have louder talkers than Texas? #6 Michigan, #5 South Carolina, #4 Georgia, #3 New Jersey, #2 Florida, #1 Louisiana.

Jacob Bentzinger, Unsplash
Jacob Bentzinger, Unsplash

According to Preply, Americans are loudest when at bars, restaurants, public transportation, and at the mall.

According to a press release, 84% of Texans find it rude when people are loud in public.

So congratulations Texans. I think. We are loud, but not the loudest in America. And when it comes to being loud, I think we are where we should be. Unless you are at a sporting event. Then be as loud as possible.

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