If you've never been to Little Woodrow's for the turtle races, you are totally missing out! I've still come across people that haven't been to Little Woodrow's period, and that is a sad sad thing! It's got to be the coolest bar in Lubbock. Not only do they have a ton of really cool seating arrangements, including swings for adults, but they also have TURTLE RACES!

The TikTok page @lubbockentertainment features all kinds of great videos of new restaurants and fun activities in the 806, and they recently posted a fantastic video of the Little Woodrow's turtle races.

If you're on the fence about going, you'll definitely want to check them out after you watch this video. It's the best time!


If you're interested, Little Woodrow's has turtle racing every single Thursday night. It's a really great time in Lubbock, and it gets PACKED in there! So, if you're planning on checking it out for the first time, just make sure you arrive nice and early so that you can get a seat. The swings are my favorite, but you'll probably want to choose one a little closer to the action so you don't miss out on all of that turtle-y-goodness!

It's definitely a fantastic night in the hub city, and I highly recommend grabbing up all of your buddies and checking out the next turtle race at Little Woodrows. You can learn more about the event by clicking here. I'll see you at the next one!

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