Lubbock Power and Light will soon finish up bringing the rest of the city up to date by connecting it to the ERCOT power grid. Plans to finish bringing those remaining customers are set to go underway in early December.

The reason for this 100% switch of the city to the ERCOT grid is due in part to Lubbock citizens choice of new electric providers. LP&L will no longer be providing electricity to Lubbock but will still keep up maintenance for the electric infrastructure that delivers the electricity across the city. Energy providers do include Abundance, Reliant, and TXU Energy, to name a few. If you do not choose an electric provider you will be assigned an electric provider.

Citizens will not be able to pick an electric provider until the entire city is on the ERCOT grid. The window for the city to begin selecting their providers will begin on January 5 and last about six weeks. 20,000 people will be affected by the complete switch to the ERCOT grid, as opposed to the first time they attempted to move a large portion of Lubbock to ERCOT.

KAMC news reports that customers who will be affected by the switch, in the form of a power outage, will be notified via mail. That power outage is expected to last about 30 minutes between December 9 and the 11. More information about this 100% switch to the ERCOT grid can be found on LP&L's website.

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