Like many other people, when I'm really impressed with my food, I like to post it on social media. I didn't expect my post to get nearly 150 likes and over 30 comments on LBK Foodies. I think part of the post's success was that my delicious and unique sushi roll resonated with Lubbock folks, so here's my petition to make it the official sushi roll of Lubbock, Texas. Now, where is the mayor with a giant key or whatever to make this happen?

Just look at this beauty! (See also a Sriracha packet that's probably worth $10 on eBay).

Renee Raven
Renee Raven

It's a roasted Hatch Chili roll from United on 114th & Slide. They always have a great selection of beautiful-looking and wonderfully tasting grab-and-go sushi, but this roll was love at first sight- and it didn't disappoint on flavor either.

The chili itself was very mild and had the perfect texture for the outside of the roll. Inside was crab salad and cucumber, which paired with the chili perfectly. The sesame seeds added a lovely richness, too.

As you probably know, Hatch season comes but once a year, so if you want to try this A+ roll, I'd recommend doing it sooner rather than later. Also delicious and limited at United right now is their mango roll that has crab and cream cheese on the inside, with just a sprinkle of Tajin. It's so delectable!

I believe Market Street on 19th also has these options as well but I can't guarantee it won't be sold out before you get there- word is getting out about these amazing rolls.

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